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A Quasi-Government Corporation to control Bourbon industry has no opposition in 1927.

Can you think of a less current news story? The bourbon industry wants the government to regulate and control the distribution of bourbon, which is considered a medicinal product…

Today in 1927, 85 years of Bluff Dwellers Cavern

Bourbon Cure for Chicken

The proposal would put control of all medicinal bourbon under one corporation, prices and quotas would be decided by the government. Even in 1927, the bourbon whiskey industry represented at least $60,000,000 that would be regulated and controlled by one entity. The dramatic reorganization of a market would not be met with as little interest today. Although considering bourbon was designated a medicinal product it is understandable that government became involved.

This story underscores a much larger story that plays in the background of the period and in many ways defined it, prohibition. Many small stories or political moves were related to the issue of prohibition. One of the main social issues of the day, it brought forth strong opinions from key political sectors. However by 1927, the cracks in prohibition were already being seen. Much like today’s Medicinal Marajuana laws, the public found ways around the prohibition.

Part of the story notes that most of the bourbon being proposed was already created; having been created before the onset of prohibition. The government would work with the corporation to create additional bourbon in small amounts as needed.


Bourbon Cures a Hog



The applications for Bourbon were endless in 1927. Here is an add for curing Cholera in pigs, the article notes that the pig was almost cured except: “loss of ears, tail, etc.” Clearly this cocktail was working, it sounds like a win to me.

According to analyses made when the FDA seized a consignment in 1919, both solutions contained aloes, free sulphuric acid, sulphates of iron, copper and magnesium, colouring and flavouring. Neither would be effective against the wide range of diseases they were supposed to cure.










Bluff Dwellers Cavern has been open since 1927. This is our 85th anniversary, to celebrate and highlight this milestone we will be bringing back past news stories to understand the times and see how far we have come, and in some instances how little has changed.