Stalagmites and Stalactites

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How do you tell the difference between stalagmites and stalactites? Stalactites hang tight to the ceiling of the cave and stalagmites might reach it someday. ūüôā At Bluff Dweller’s Cavern we have some really¬†unique stalagmite formations that have formed into musical chimes!¬†¬†Visit us to see the cool stalagmite and stalactite formations we have¬† and check out this link for more info on how they are...

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The first official day of spring is next Wednesday, March 20th! How are you planning to celebrate the start of warm, sunny spring? The snow is melting and the grass is turning green. Do you have any traditions with your family? Some great ways to spend time with your family in nature are: go for a nature walk, start a garden, or attend a spring festival. Why not plan a trip to Bluff Dweller Cavern! Only an hour drive from Joplin Missouri. Stop by the Cavern anytime between 9am and 5pm to enjoy a 45 minute tour. Admission is $12 for an adult and just $6 for children 4-11. Did you know, on the...

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“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” George Santayana…unless, of course you just so happen to be in love with the formations and constantly growing life in Bluff Dwellers Cave. They’re open. An adventure is definitely waiting for...

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May 1, 1927 – 91 Given up for Lost in Mine Blast

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91 men risked limb and life travelling into the depths of the earth to provide food for their family and fuel for the country. Known dead Eleven, Eighty Trapped in Mine. New York Times: May 1, 1927   Share

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April 24, 1927 – Corrupt Sheriff, Flyboys Save Flood Victims, & Daylight Savings

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85 years ago, Bluff Dwellers Cavern opened its massive steal door for the first tours. Celebrating our anniversary, we take a look back to the country and times that fostered our founding.¬†   Federal Agents Arrest Missouri Sheriff for Having Still Yes, its still prohibition and entrepreneurial officials took advantage of that captive market abusing their power to get around the law. Sheriff Louis Donze of Ste. Genevieve County, MO was charged in a Federal Warrant for operating a large whiskey still on a farm owned by his father. Special agent Hillon learned the sheriff had been making...

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April 23, 1927 – Medicinal Bourbon for Government?

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A Quasi-Government Corporation to control Bourbon industry has no opposition in 1927. Can you think of a less current news story? The bourbon industry wants the government to regulate and control the distribution of bourbon, which is considered a medicinal product… The proposal would put control of all medicinal bourbon under one corporation, prices and quotas would be decided by the government. Even in 1927, the bourbon whiskey industry represented at least $60,000,000 that would be regulated and controlled by one entity. The dramatic reorganization of a market would not be met with as...

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