10th April 1927 – Oil War in Mexico Grows More Intense

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THE OIL WAR IN MEXICO GROWS MORE INTENSE: American Companies Stand Their Ground While Calles Withholds Seems like too long ago to be warring over oil right? April 10, 1927 one of the biggest stories in the nation and world was the escalating oil war between United States and foreign oil companies who owned approximately 90% of all the fields and the Mexican government which asserted rights to its own land in 1917. The essential controversy dealt with the main issue of the ammendment to the consitution in 1917 that stated all subsoil rights belong to the nation directly conflicted with a...

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9th April 1927 – 85 years of Bluff Dwellers

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Mae West Arrested!   85 years ago today (9th April 1927): Mae West is Arrested during her starring role in the play “sex” which she wrote, produced, directed and starred in on Broadway. She was prosecuted on morals charges and sentenced to 10 days in jail for public obscenity. Despite a fairly successful career in vaudeville, her biggest break happened in 1926 at the age of thirty-three when she wrote and starred in her own play ‘Sex.” Many viewers were shocked and delighted by the raunchy dialogue and subject matter, for prostitution was still a forbidden...

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