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Discovered in 1925, open in 1927, Bluff Dwellers Cavern celebrates its 85th year

Limestone, which most Ozark caves are formed covers much of the Ozark Plateau in the midwest.  It was 1925, in a limestone outcrop, that Bluff Dwellers Cavern was discovered by Arthur Browning, owner of the property, and two surveyors, Bob Ford and Bryan Gilmore, employed by the highway department.

The exploration begins! Excavation began from a small head sized opening. It became apparent that there was a network of subterranean corridors channeling the layers of rock like a subway system. Two natural openings were found that had been hidden by hillside talus and slabs of rock weathered from the bluff face over several thousand years.

However, these were not the first men to set foot in these caves.

Two years later, in 1927, Bluff Dwellers Cavern was opened to the public for tours. The cavern is still owned by descendants of the original Browning family.