Bluff Dwellers Cavern has a wide diversity of unique formations and the cave is still active (growing)!

Bluff Dwellers Cavern is home to many unique formations. The cave is littered with stalactites and stalagmites. 

formations at bluff dwellers musical chimes

Famous Stalactite Musical Chimes


The Musical Chimes

One of our most famous, the Musical Chimes is widely known as the very beginning of “hard rock.” The Chimes are formed by hollow curtains of rock that are hollow within, producing a unique frequency similar to a xylophone. This formation has been an icon at Bluff Dwellers Cavern since its inception in 1927. Many of the tour guides are one of a kind musicians at playing the Chimes. Formed from hollow curtains of rock , the Chimes are just one of many attractions inside the cavern that instill a sense of wonder in children of all ages. 


The 10 ton Balanced Rock

This is one you just need to see in person!

See how and learn why a 10 ton chunk of rock is perfectly balanced on two pivots so perfectly even our 80+ family owners can still move it with 1 Finger.


75′ Rimstone Dam

formations at Bluff Dwellers

Rimstone Dam at BluffDwellers Cavern

One of the most interesting geological formations is the 75′ rimstone dam located near the original discovery point of the cavern Measuring at 75′ the dam is one of the biggest mysteries at Bluff Dwellers Cavern. The long barrier is nearly symetrical on both sides and even makes a similar curve on both ends. The real intriguing thing about the Dam is that Geological Scientist still haven’t determined how it was formed!





Other Formations

Bluff Dwellers Cavern is littered with stalactites and  stalactites, stalagmites, curtains/draperies, saw tooth drapes, flowstone, cave popcorn, cave coral, and cave sponge. 

Trip to Bluff Dwellers Cave, Noel, MO 7-11

Critters :  cave salamander, Western Slimy Salamander, Dark-sided Salamander , grotto Salamander, Albino Crayfish, Cave Crickets, Pickerel frogs, Tri-colored bats
Formations and Life - Bats

Tri-Color bat on one of our utility lights.